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Questions and answers about getting started, using the tool, and administrative management

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Getting Started

Q: How do I sign up my facility to join the PatientPing community?  

Follow these three easy steps:

  1. An authorizing official activates your facility or agency by creating a user account and accepting the Business Associate Agreement at
  2. Users create accounts at
  3. All users sign up for a PatientPing webinar training at to learn how to use the tool

Your facility has now been successfully set up and you are part of the PatientPing community!


Q: How do I create a user account?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Create an Account” link on the lower right side of the login screen and follow the steps to create a user account and password
  3. Check your email inbox for a confirmation email from, which will include an account activation link. Click the activation link and enter your password at the prompt

Done! You have now successfully created a PatientPing account and can begin using the tool right away. Happy Pinging!


Q: I don’t see my facility listed in the PatientPing facility drop-down list. How do I request that it be added?

To request that your facility be added, complete the PatientPing contact form at and include the name of your facility in the “Your Message” box.


Q: Who at my facility needs access to PatientPing?

Every staff person who is responsible for admitting and discharging patients should have their own PatientPing user account. Every facility is different, but most often the Admissions Director, Admissions Coordinator, Intake Coordinator, Discharge Coordinator, and Social Worker who facilitates discharges have user accounts. Administrators often have accounts as well to gain better insight into the status of their patients and facility activity.


Q: I work in central admissions. Do I need to create separate user accounts to access each of our facilities?

No, you only need to create one user account.

Create your user account under one of the facilities for which you are responsible. Once you have activated this user account, please email us at and list all of the additional facilities that you manage. We will group those facilities under your account so you can see all facilities with one login.  

Using PatientPing

Q: Which patients do I need to enter into PatientPing? 

You should enter all of your admissions and discharges into PatientPing. ACOs, health systems, and many other provider organizations are regularly adding new patient groups to PatientPing. Entering all of your patients into PatientPing will ensure you and your patients benefit from the most care coordination possible.


Q: When should I enter data about a patient into PatientPing?

Enter data into PatientPing as close to the patient’s actual admission or discharge time and date as possible. Real-time data entry is important. It keeps all members of the care team on the same page so that you can work together to provide coordinated and safe care transitions for your patients.


Q: How do I admit a patient?

Admitting a patient in PatientPing is quick and simple:

  1. From your patient dashboard, click on “Admit Patient” in the upper right corner of your screen
  2. Enter the patient’s insurance information or click on “demographic” to enter patient’s demographic information.
  3. Complete the patient’s Encounter Details. If a patient has been at your facility before, select that patient from the list provided and the form will pre-populate

That’s it! You’ve successfully admitted a patient.

If the patient is part of a care management program, a screen will pop up with the patient’s program (e.g. ACO), primary care provider, contact information for the assigned care coordinator, and any admission guidelines. At the same time, a Ping has been sent to the other providers on the patient’s care team informing them of your patient’s admission.

You can see this patient listed on your patient dashboard in the Admissions Tab and click on the "+" radio button on the far left of the patient’s entry row to review the patient’s care coordination information.  


Q: How do I access a patient's visit history?

In the Admissions Tab of your dashboard, you can access a patient’s visit history by clicking on the “+” radio button on the far left of the patient’s entry row. You will see the patient’s prior visits across all facilities and care settings within the PatientPing community.  


Q: How do I discharge a patient?

To discharge a patient:

  1. From your patient dashboard, locate the patient you would like to discharge in the Admissions Tab
  2. Click the pencil in far right column of that patient’s row to edit the patient’s status
  3. Change the patient’s status from “Admit” to “Discharge” by selecting from the drop down menu
  4. Change the patient’s status date to correspond to the date the patient was discharged
  5. Click the check mark to the far right of the patient’s row to save your changes. If you do not want to save your changes, click the “X” to undo all changes
  6. If the patient you are discharging is part of a care management program, enter the patient’s discharge disposition and click “Ping”

Done! You’ve successfully discharged a patient.

A screen will pop up with the patient’s care management program (e.g. ACO), primary care provider, contact information for the assigned care coordinator, and any discharge guidelines. At the same time, a Ping has been sent to the other providers on the patient’s care team informing them of your patient’s discharge.

You can see this patient listed on your patient dashboard in the Discharges Tab and click on the "+" radio button on the far left of the patient’s entry row to review the patient’s care coordination information.  


Q: What is a Pre-Admit Lookup?

A Pre-Admit Lookup is a quick and easy way to determine the care management program your patient is attributed to before they are admitted to your facility. You can look-up a patient in two different ways:

  1. Using a patient's health plan ID number
  2. Using a patient's demographic information

The pre-admit lookup does not generate a Ping. To admit a patient and send a Ping to the other members of the patient’s care team, follow the instructions above.


Q: How far back should I go when entering patients?

Enter all new patients that are admitted to your facility or agency in real-time, so that the Pings are actionable for your partner providers. You do not need to back enter patients.


Q: My facility offers both skilled and long-term care. Should I enter both types of patients into PatientPing?

Only enter patients who are in your short-term skilled nursing unit. If a patient in your short-term skilled unit is discharged to a long-term unit, please discharge the patient in PatientPing and use the discharge disposition screen to indicate the discharge location. 


Q: What do I do if a patient who was previously at my facility or has received services from us in the past shows up for another admission?

Every time a patient arrives at and is admitted to your facility, enter a new admission for that patient in PatientPing, even if the patient was just at your facility a few days or weeks prior.


Q: Can I edit information about an existing patient in PatientPing?

At this time you are not able to edit existing patient information in PatientPing.

If you need to correct information you have entered into PatientPing, please call us at (617) 356-7147 or send us an encrypted email at and let us know how the patient’s record needs to be changed. 


Q: Do you have any resources that will help my facility get up to speed on PatientPing?


  1. Request our Getting Started Guide for step-by-step instructions on the tool by sending an email to
  2. Attend a PatientPing webinar training to become familiar with PatientPing and learn the latest user tips and tricks
  3. Email us at at We are always available to answer any other questions


Q: On which Internet browsers does PatientPing work best?

PatientPing will work on Windows or Mac operating systems, and on Safari 5+, Firefox 10+, any version of Chrome, as well as Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) and later. If you are using an earlier version of Internet Explorer, we recommend you upgrade to IE8 or download another Internet browser, such as Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.


Q: A PatientPing user is no longer working at my facility. How do I deactivate their PatientPing user account?

To deactivate a user account, please email us at or call us at (617) 356-7147 and we will assist you.


Q: Where can I provide feedback on PatientPing?

We love feedback! Send us feedback from your patient dashboard by clicking the arrow next to your user name and selecting “Feedback” from the drop down list. You can also email us at or call us at (617) 356-7147.