Receive real-time notifications from across the continuum to better coordinate care

PatientPing is a real-time care coordination community, connecting South Carolina providers across the continuum to proactively manage their patient populations.  

  • Gain insights into patient movement outside of the hospital, including SNFs, HHAs, LTACHs, and more
  • Increase collaboration with your post-acute community 
  • Monitor risk-based or disease-based patient populations important to your organization 
  • Reduce costs while improving quality of care and patient experience
  • Leverage data exports to identify strong partners and nurture relationships

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PatientPing rapidly connects post-acute facilities - SNFs, HHAs, LTACHs and more - to build care coordination networks around your organization to promote data sharing amongst all providers. Leveraging our strong post-acute EMR and national post-acute provider relationships, PatientPing quickly provides value to all stakeholders across the continuum.


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