Expand service offerings for members by delivering actionable, real-time information, to improve patient outcomes

PatientPing is a national community of providers coordinating care through real-time notifications, or Pings, and critical patient information, Stories, whenever and wherever patients receive care.


Real-time notifications when patients receive care

Pings let managing providers know when their patients receive care throughout our national network and helps them to better manage and coordinate transitions



Patient information at the point of care

Stories give treating providers important patient context such as prior utilization, care team information and care instructions.



     Health Information Exchange Benefits

By partnering with PatientPing, you will be able to: 

  • Improve HIE sustainability and increase value to members
  • Pave the way for statewide care coordination to improve health outcomes 
  • Grow existing presence to new customer segments through PatientPing's national/regional (acute/post-acute) partnerships
  • Join a nationwide community of providers sharing information for real-time care coordination 
  • Provide members with a modern care coordination platform that allows for greater insights into patient movement (intrastate/interstate), the ability to segment patient activity, and access care coordination information that is typically not stored in an EMR


Member Benefits

By partnering with PatientPing, your members will: 

  • Connect with all providers across the continuum, including skilled nursing facilities, home health, long term care, renal dialysis centers, and more
  • Support clinical and value-based care initiatives, including accountable care organizations and alternative payment models (BPCI, CPC+, etc.)
  • Identify high-risk and high-utilizing patients to decrease readmissions and streamline ED throughput 
  • Improve quality and optimize length of stay/volume in post-acute settings 
  • Collaborate and strengthen relationships among the post-acute community 


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