Our Story


We believe that all patients should experience seamless care. 

We are building a movement of providers across the country who are transforming how healthcare is delivered by working together to put patients at the center of their care.

Every year, a patient visits an average of seven providers across four facilities. These providers rarely have the ability to coordinate beyond their own facilities, and often don’t know where else their patients are receiving care. As a result, providers cannot share critical medical information, patient safety is compromised, and transitions from hospital to home are disjointed and drawn out.

Our real-time Pings allow providers to easily communicate across facilities ensuring that all care revolves around the patient.

Our Values


We deliver simple, bold solutions.

We believe that simple innovations can solve big problems. We strive to create intuitive experiences that address critical needs.

Our strength is in our community.

We take immense pride in the work of our community. We find that people united by a common purpose can achieve great things.

We are driven by passion and curiosity.

Our goal is to transform how care is delivered by putting patients at the center of their care. We are motivated by deeply understanding the needs of providers and patients alike.

We do well only if we do good.

We only charge for the value you receive. Period.

Our customers’ trust is core.

We handle each patient record as if it were our own, we act with the highest integrity, and we always keep our word.

Join Our Team

We are building a team of passionate, supportive, and energetic people who feel urgency to transform the healthcare delivery system. 

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