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Why would we provide fragmented care when we know we can provide great coordinated care?
— Susan Rice, Director of Clinical Intake Services, Residential Home Health
PatientPing helps us track what happens to our patients when they transition from our care, improving continuity and coordination of care, as well as preventing unnecessary hospital readmissions by knowing if and when a patient presents to the Emergency Department.
— Steve Gable, Director of Operations, Kindred Healthcare
It’s a refreshingly simple, elegant, and tremendously valuable innovation.
— Dominique Morgan-Solomon, VP of Population Health, Steward Health Care, Pioneer ACO
PatientPing gives transparency to everyone in the care continuum. ACOs know which facilities are doing good referrals into the community.
— Angela Tavares, Nurse Case Manager, Life Care Center of West Bridgewater, Skilled Nursing
I’ve developed good relationships with many community providers, but PatientPing connects me with all providers who are seeing our patients.
— Jennifer Powell, Case Manager, Michigan Pioneer ACO
We used to manually type everything into a spreadsheet to analyze data across our facilities. With PatientPing, we can quickly and easily export our data to access the information we need.
— Julie Ryan, VP of Care Transitions and Managed Care, The Post Acute Care Network
A patient was at an out-of-state wedding, fell and was injured, and was referred to us from the out-of-state hospital. We immediately checked PatientPing and saw that she was in fact an ACO patient with a dedicated case manager. We quickly looped in the case manager and ensured a smooth care transition.
— Jennifer Davis, Administrator, Golden Living Center Wedgemere, Skilled Nursing
PatientPing has helped us identify ACO 3-day waiver patients, which, on many occasions, we had no other way of doing. Having the tools and information available in real time enables us to seamlessly and safely transition patients from hospitals to our facility.
— Karen Jacobson, Director of Admissions, Marina Bay Skilled Nursing
Being able to easily and quickly identify if a patient is an ACO patient is very helpful.
— Teresa Flowers, Nursing Home Administrator, Sunbury Community Health and Rehabilitation
PatientPing notified us that one of our patients had been discharged from a SNF. She didn’t have a stable home life or good social supports, and she was discharged without her inhalers. We immediately intervened, securing lost prescriptions, new housing, and community supports.
— Jane Mulligan, Nurse Case Manager, Steward Health Care, Pioneer ACO